• Users may now collect badges! Every day you may claim gold on the badges page to buy a booster pack. Each booster pack contains four badges. The badges you've collected are displayed on your profile page.


  • Logged in users may now use the lobby to chat with other players.
  • Users now have a profile page where their completed dungeons are shown.


  • Warriors can now use taunt, an ability that forces enemies to attack them.
  • Monks may now use hefty strike, an ability that deals high damage but costs MP.
  • Clerics may now use the smite spell, a damaging spell that causes extra damage against undead and demon type enemies.
  • The Sage class is now available. Sages specialize in causing magic damage.


  • Many commands may include a preposition to make their usage more intuitive and in line with natural language. For example, to use a key to unlock a door, you could type "/unlock door with key" or "/unlock door using key". Another example is the throw command - e.g. you could type something like "/throw dart at board". Even the basic use command behaves like this now - e.g. "/use key on door".
  • Added three new commands: put, throw, and light. Put may be used to place an item from your inventory on, or in, something. Throw may be used to throw an item at a specified target. Light is used to start a fire with something, such as lighting a candle with a torch.
  • Fixed a bug where messages were duplicated in the game log.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be connected to the game but unable to send messages.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not cast spells on other players.