When entering a command, you must prefix it with a forward slash, e.g. "/move north". If you do not prefix a message with a forward slash, it will be displayed as a chat message.

Base Commands

Command Aliases Description
move m Move from one room to another. Possible directions are up, down, north, south, east, west. For example, "/move north" or "/m north" to go north. You may also use a single letter for a direction. For example, "/m s" is the same as "/move south".
room rm Displays information about the current room.
roll r Rolls a random number from one to six. You may be asked to use this command in various scenarios.
inventory i Lists all the items in the party's inventory.
use u

Use an item from the party's inventory. The basic syntax is "/use item name".

You may specify the target of your item. This could be an object in the room. For example, if you have a golden key in your inventory and there is a locked door in the room, you could try typing "/use golden key on door".

The target could also be a player. For example, "/use health potion" will restore some of your HP, but if there is a player named steve in your party then the command "/use health potion on steve" will heal steve's HP instead.

look examine, inspect, l, e Investigate something in the current room. For example, "/look at chest" or "/examine chest".
touch t Touches a specified object, e.g. "/touch wall".
hit attack, strike, h Hits a specified object, e.g. "/hit wall". You may also attempt to use an item in your inventory to hit something, such as "/hit rock with pickaxe".
get pickup, take, grab, g Attempts to take an item from a room and put it in your inventory.
open unlock, o Attempts to open an object in the room, e.g. "/open chest", "/open door with key", or "/unlock door with key".
combine cb Attempts to combine two items in your inventory, resulting in one item being created. You specify the two items to combine as arguments. For example, if you have a red potion and a blue potion in your inventory, you could try combining them by typing "/combine red potion blue potion".
put -- Put an item on top of or in something - e.g. "/put cup on table", "/put log in fire".
throw -- Throw an item at something else. For example, "/throw ball man" or "/throw ball at man".
light -- Light something, starting a fire. For example, "/light candle with torch".